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"In New England, a dark and noir edge is being brought to the realms of Americana. With a psychedelic undertow, the mighty DRAUDIGA step forth, combining elements of alternative country and folk rock with their heavier stylings. This occult, gothic, and pagan underpinning perhaps comes as no surprise when listeners consider vocalist Reesa Wood’s previous adventures with noise metal band Cadaverette. Influence is

drawn freely, coming from acts as diverse as Tom Petty, Kate Bush, and Dead Moon in equal measure. This blending of boundaries and borders without limitations has led to several fantastic records already, namely 2020’s Paranormal Romance, 2021’s Phosphorescence, and 2022’s Persephone. Each outing provides audiences with a fresh glimpse into the group’s unique approach and sound."

-AB Records Issue 126 (October 2023)

"In Greek mythology, Persephone was the queen of the underworld and goddess of the seasons. It's also the appropriate name for the new Draudiga album, because frontwoman Reesa Wood comes across as a modern day daughter of Zeus over these powerful and engaging 11 tracks.

Draudiga describe themselves as "occult twang" and they make that statement right off the bat with all four members giving the band an immediate identity with the opener, "Over and Over". Reesa is calm and reserved in this one, but you're on the edge of your seat, knowing that she is capable of ripping your face off at any moment.

With Alex Merrill on bass and Greg Murphy on drums laying down a great foundation, Reesa Wood is able to explore a wide variety of substyles to this occult twang thang. Just check out the schizophrenic psychobilly of "Brittle Bones". Guitarist Caleb Aaron Coulthard is an absolute beast, and is a formidable presence throughout the album. Every song is a standout on Persephone, and single worthy. More rockabilly follows with the catchy "Gone", and Reesa half sings and matter-of-factly talks to you with "I Don't Wanna Feel Bad". "I'd Do Anything" brings a sense of longing, but thanks to a low backing vocal, it turns almost ominous. "An Itch on the Skin" is a hit waiting to happen, and is a great piece of alt-rock. 

The second half of the album is more quiet, with the beautiful "Brattleboro" and "Sodom and Gomorrah". "Gem" is exactly what it says it is... a treasure waiting to be unearthed in the nether regions of the album. Gorgeous. Reesa Wood shines through these deep cuts as she breaks into the great, rollicking single, "Nekkid". Now listen. This album is great, but it may take you many listens to come to this conclusion. Persephone is an album that calls for repeat listens, but rest assured, new layers of discovery unveil themselves with each spin, and it's ultimately rewarding. Draudiga's latest is inviting, mysterious, exciting and intoxicating. Definitely check it out."

-Maine Brews and Music Reviews

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