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Draudiga’s music haunts an abandoned saloon, deep in a valley where you can never quite tell whether it’s spring or fall, though it’s almost always twilight, and there’s little doubt you’re more than a few miles out in the hinterlands. Though there’s a layer of Neko Case’s country-brown twang, Kate Bush-inflected, little snarled green buds also peek out to greet the tumbleweed as it rattles by~          

There’s evil and wonder in them dusty hills…

Draudiga is the fairy folk/ singer-songwriter project of Reesa Wood, who has been making music in Portland, Maine since 2015. Reesa grew up in the Appalachian mountains and the highlands of Costa Rica. Daughter of a rodeo cowgirl and a hippie turned Christian missionaries, she was deeply involved with church music from an early age, and even sang in an award-winning children’s choir. She learned to play old time-fiddle while in school in North Carolina. 


In 2015, after going to art school for painting, she began playing in punk bands in Maine, learning to embody rage, desire, and confrontation as the original frontperson for the metal-edged hardcore band Cadaverette (2015-2022), and developing confidence in her songwriting and guitar abilities in the shoegaze-inflected Burr (2015-2017


In 2019 Reesa wrote a set of songs that would become her 1st solo EP as Draudiga, "Paranormal Romance", a lo-fi collection of guitar and loops that showcased her newly refined vocal approach that conveyed more subtle shades of lust, love, and longing. 


Since 2020, Reesa has been playing with her current backing band whose fleshed- out rockabilly vibe owes much to Caleb Aaron Coulthard's “black magic western twang” guitar leads (The Tarantula Brothers,  The Coalsack in Crux ). "Phosphorescence", the first album with her backing band, was recorded in the midst of the pandemic, released in 2021, with Alex Merrill (Lemon Pitch, Heaven's Cameras) on bass and Greg Murphy on drums.


In October 2022, the band released the most recent album,"Persephone", which harkens back to her country roots.

The current lineup of the band is a stripped down trio, with Coulthard on lead guitar and and David Yearwood (Foret Endormie, Hex Kitten, Snap! Thee Asparagus, Butcher Witch) on upright bass. Draudiga is currently working on their fourth album, set to be released in early fall 2023. 

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Tel: 978 578 6115

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