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Draudiga is the alias of Maine psych-folk musician Rebecca Theresa "Reesa" Wood. Marked by ethereal pixie-like vocals and fingerstyle guitar, Draudiga's songs draw upon her inner and outer landscapes. Magic is everywhere, both inside and outside the animal body, and her songs delve in and out of the folk tales we carry through generations. 

Since her debut in 2020, Draudiga has released four albums- "Paranormal Romance", a lo-fi collection of guitar loops and vocals, “Phosphorescence”, a dreamy goth rock album released in 2021, "Persephone", a harkening back to her country roots, and "Fur and Soot", a collection of witchy, intimate folk songs released in 2023 after the birth of her son. 

Collaborators include guitarist Caleb Aaron Coulthard (Cryin' Caleb AaronTarantula Brothers, The Coalsack in Crux), upright bassist David Yearwood (Foret Endormie, Hex Kitten), bassist Alex Merrill (Lemon Pitch, Heaven's Cameras), and Greg Murphy (Seekonk). 

Draudiga is currently performing as a solo act. 

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